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Basic instructions


  • You must send the final mix, please give us further details via an e-mail attachment, such as song that you like their sound as "intensity" is of a high importance too. Please, do not hesitate to ask if your track deserves "mastering." Just because the service is online does not mean that is impersonal. By calling and having a brief conversation about your goals, we will be pleased to assist you and guide you. For us, talking with customers is always pleasant: Alexander (0030) 6946955791 (0030) 2821098239.
  • The best format is of a 32-bit. AIFF or Wav-48, 000 Hz. Do not send MP3, M4A, or WMA for mastering as the files have already been compressed and the sound is demoted. The 24-bit files will also do.
  • No, Limiter on the Master Channel Compressor please ,remove it. They limited the capacity and hinder the mastering engineer for the equalizing and the right process of dynamics.
  • The most important factor is that the Master Channel has no clipping. This exceeds digital 0 / point/0dBFS clip. If your mixing peaks at-6dB that will be the ideal. Most DAW will give information about the file, so you can control the maximum of the peak value sample.

Shall I send you my Compressor?

If you have a nice analog compressor please send us 2 versions of your music console, one and one without. If you feel that the compressor you have is an integral part of the composition of "sound".

Can you increase the sound of my track?

In mastering the digital wave studio we can increase the level of tension and minimize side effects of your track, without the side effects of the inevitable loss of depth, loss of punch (and loss of space that depends largely on the integrity and balance of the set. This vary between the tracks. Also you need to note that the "louder" your music pieces the less likely to sound well, when they are transmitted by FM radio or when they are converted to an MP3 form. This can be discussed for further detail, if necessary, when we start.

How can I make a payment?

Paypal is preferred, though the bank deposit is the most reliable. Credit card payment is temporarily unavailable. Please look at the sidebar "Pricing and payment" Paypal.

Do you offer advice on the assessment of the music?

If you have ordered mastering, (ie payment) basic assessment of the music is included, if it is required.

How much time is needed to complete the mastering?

Depending on the quantity and the quality of the tracks, whether the task is a track, an E.P. or an album, the time needed is usually from 2-6 days. We also need approval on the previews, so that depends too on you and your correspondence. In times where our work volume is big, the time needed may be longer and vice versa.

Please, contact us for further info:
Alexander Zymvragoudakis
Mob: (+30) 6946955791
Studio: (+30)2821098239
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